Shoulder-Pressing Pose Yoga

Through meditation and yoga, however, it is possible for the practitioner to harness that prana energy and carry it up through the chakras, unlocking and releasing spiritual and emotional energy.Shoulder-Pressing Pose Yoga It is also along one of these nadi channels, at the lowest chakra, that the kundalini serpent is coiled, blocking the upward flow of prana. Translated, chakra means wheel.Shoulder-Pressing Pose Yoga It is said that at the chakras, the prana that flows through the nadis forms bright, spinning wheels of light.

In a yogi, the chakras exist as vibrant shining circles, as yoga allows the practitioner to experience them more fully through the awakening and encouraging of prana flow. A balanced flow of prana is directly connected to physical and emotional health, and it is possible to enhance the energy of certain chakras by focusing on them through yoga practice Kundalini or otherwise. Visualizing the chakras, their colors, their locations, and chanting the associated mantra, is a great meditation tool, not to mention an instrument for experiencing higher spiritual states. Each chakra has a distinct set of characteristics and is associated with a specific part of the body.

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