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These chanting and meditation workshops were led by Gurumayi herself, and were broadcast live abound the globe to the extended Siddha Yoga community.Yoga Plow Pose Yoga The evening before the first day of the intensive, there was an orientation in the auditorium where newcomers and devotees, Siddha Yoga practitioners, could ask questions in preparation for the program. I didn’t ask any questions, but listened intently to the fascinating stories of a variety of people’s shaktipat experiences.Yoga Plow Pose Yoga Shaktipat is what Siddha yogis call the awakening experience that can initiate the individual into their sadhana, the spiritual path. Several people shared their stories of meditating or chanting to the point of ecstasy. As I lay awake that night, too excited to sleep, I set my intention to remain open to whatever experience I was ready for. I decided that if the only thing I gained from the experience was improving my meditation practice, I would have gained plenty. The alarm went off at 4:30 A.

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