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We are now ready to move back to the chronology of yoga. We enter at the moment of the youth revolt of the late 60s when yoga also became a part of the counter-culture. This process implied a major shift into the commercialisation of yoga as we shall soon see.

The commodification of yoga Countercultures and social-identity

F let us investigate the children of the affluent middle classes. Among the often highly educated youngsters of the middle class there emerged in the 1960s an influential counterculture inspired by romantic criticism of modernity. Who has not heard about hippies, flower power, LSD, Woodstock and alternative lifestyles? Yoga was adopted in many of those groups, but it did not gain widespread recognition.

Release and repeat on the other side. Use the chair Plow Pose Yoga to set your alignment and balance. Then complete the pose. 1STANDING MARICHYASANA III Purpose: Plow Pose Yoga To open the sacroiliac joint, improve strength and mobility of the spine, and refine balance. Contraindications: Subluxation dislocation of the hip, total or partial hip replacement. Props: A yoga mat and a chair. Avoiding pitfalls: Be mindful of all the alignment details, even if it means that you do not twist as far. Stand facing the seat of a chair, feet parallel and hip-width apart.

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