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Heavenly deities became so alarmed that they begged Brahma to put Yoga poses back pain an end to this destructive force. Brahma ordered the guardian deities of the eight directions to Yoga poses back pain grab hold of this evil force and pull it down to earth. Then Brahma turned it into a spirit whose face was pressed into the ground. Brahma sat with all his weight upon the spirit’s navel and instructed the other deities to help hold down the creature so that it could never escape. The spirit was repentant, and out of compassion, Brahma gave it the name of Vastu Purusha or the cosmic spirit of th land. Brahma also decided that Vastu Purusha had to be worshiped at the start of every construction. This would ensure the protection of the inhabitants of the new structure. Failure to appease him would lead to misfortune.

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