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The midpoint between these two directions, which is the northeast Yoga poses back , is called the gateway to the gods and is considered the source of positive cosmic energy Yoga poses back or prana, the breath of life. Prana enters the northeast quadrant and travels in a wide arc to the southwest quadrant. Vastu has assigned the element of water to the northeast because water is a receptacle that can collect and retain the cosmic energy. This potent gateway to the gods is also a source of calm and tranquility, two characteristics that we also connect with water. The northeast is the perfect location for a pond, swimming pool, or simply an open expanse that allows the early sun and healthy energy to flow freely into the property.

In the home, water also belongs in the northeast quadrant. We should also try to keep our lightweight and delicate furnishings in this part of the room so that the cosmic energy can travel unobstructed into the southwest. The northeast, with its soothing properties, is an excellent location for a meditation room or study.

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