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My father was not happy with my choice, but it Yoga poses printable has proven to be one of the most influential experiences of my work. My sense of Yoga poses printable adventure and knowledge-seeking taught me to live and to adopt a strong work ethic. Working with the circus was a gift, a truly unique and special experience of learning firsthand from families that for generations have practiced mastering perfect balance, ambidexterity, and unparalleled strength. I learned basic single trapeze and, my favorite, riding no hands bareback on a running elephant. Of course, I was there with my Pilates zeal, training the performers. I loved tutoring the performing children who spoke many languages! I had a serious chronic ankle injury and used Pilates, as all dancers did, to rehab at a performing arts physical therapy center.

The therapy became so interesting to me that it inspired me to go back to school and work towards a physical therapy degree while living in NYC, continuing the dance auditions, and studying a course to become a teacher of Pilates. I studied at the first training centre in NYC, which was called the Institute of Movement Science, with Sean Gallagher, PT, Steve Giordanno, and Romana Kryzanowska known today as the grand dame of Pilates, having been Joseph Pilates’ favorite protege.

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