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The Tantric genealogy of central hatha-yoga signs

Tantric sexuality as a religious ritual

D. G. White has investigated the rural Kula cults (often termed Kaula), because it was here that the sexual aspect moved to the forefront of Tantric rituals.294 Some of the first scriptures focussing on sex as a part of the clan ritual were the Kula Tantra scriptures (700-1000AD). They describe rituals taking place in cremation grounds where blood, semen and alcohol are offered to satisfy kula (clan) deities. These deities (sometimes clan ancestors) could cause deadly diseases by entering the human body, or they could even kidnap and consume clan members. The deities were often depicted as animals, birds or a combination of human and animal. The shamanic priest mastered the ritual sacrifice and if he survived this dangerous ritual encounter at the graveyard or at remote places, he was considered a Viral Hero (vira) and had a high social status in the clan. The deities were pacified with mantras and human life-giving fluids (semen and blood) – fluids seen to be the manifestation of the life force of the goddess; the distilled living essence of a person.

Over time the rituals changed, says White, from being about the clan and the management of dark forces to become highly erotic-mystical practices. The female demon was slowly transformed into ayogini – a female goddess who carried the clan nectar – the life force of the group. The male practitioner – the hero – by sucking (drinking) the vaginal secretions or the menstrual blood from the yogini’s (the female clan member) vulva, would become immortal and induced with magical power295.

But if you clench your muscles, you’ll get both a Yoga poses savasana thick waist and a compressed lumbar spine, so stay relaxed even though you are engaging your Yoga poses savasana muscles. It’s key to make sure your shoulders are in line with your hips, not swaying behind. Keep your legs bent, but as you get stronger, you can straighten them prior to raising back to center on each side. 10 BEGINNER Semi-Circle Arm Twists BENEFITS: Tones and stretches your waist, upper back, and arms. Stand with your legs hip-distance apart, knees bent. Hold the ball at your waist, hands on either side top and bottom of the ball. You should be able to see your chest over the ball this will ensure scapula stability and mobility. Lift your elbows to engage the chest muscles.

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