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To identify the emergence of yoga this chapter investigates first the economic, political and cultural situation of numerous small Archaic kingdoms going through a tumultuous and conflict-ridden process of civilisation and empire building. Old habits, institutions and cultures were breaking up and new social groups, social hierarchies, conflict lines and cultural practices were coming to the front.

This chapter’s main argument is that the genealogy of the first forms of yoga – a cluster of new cultural practices and ideas – is located in yoga’s contemporary society instead of in the Vedic society which preceded it. Having said that I hasten to add that this chapter also identifies some cultural structures – habitus’ – which created some background conditions necessary for yoga to emerge. Metaphorically speaking these habitus are kinds of cultural grammar’ making the yoga language’ possible, understandable and acceptable to its surrounding society. The technical expression for this is as indicated semiotic code ‘ and cultural habitus ‘: interiorised, taken-for-given mental patterns forming our perceptions, appreciations and categorisation of reality.

Your feet should be on the ball. Lift your hips Yoga postures 7 chakras off the floor using your hamstrings and butt. Bring your hips back down all the way Yoga postures 7 chakras , working your legs and butt both ways. Do this 5 times, working your way up to 10. 75 ADVANCED Backbend Balance BENEFIT: What a great stretch for your front torso! Increases flexibility in your spine, too, while also strengthening your hip flexors. Sit on the ball and contour your body into the ball while rolling into a backbend position, hands back on the floor. Lift both legs up as much as possible. If you can’t balance, lift one leg up at a time.

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