Your Personal Yoga Practice

You may find yourself inspired by a yoga class and excited to get home and practice the poses, only to find yourself standing in the middle of your living room wondering what to do or in what sequence to practice the asana.

This is not uncommon for beginners. Many people practice yoga at home, either on their own or in conjunction with taking classes. Setting up your own practice at home allows you to work at your own pace. You can concentrate on areas of your body that may be problematic, such as your back or hamstrings. You will also find that a home yoga practice will start to discipline and focus your daily activities. Nevertheless, it takes a little time to assimilate what you have learned in class in order to develop your own practice. Start slowly, and set goals.

Many people take a yoga class once a week for several months and then practice yoga on their own at home. Others take classes intensely, stop, practice at home, and begin more advanced classes when they are ready to learn more yoga.

Some thrive on classes, while others find the daily practice in their living room enough to meet their needs. Again, you’ll need to assess what is best for your lifestyle.


Charlie Salinger’s purpose for beginning yoga was to increase his range of flexibility and range of motions. ”A friend recommended yoga. I didn’t have time for classes, and I preferred something I could do on my own. I picked up Richard Hittleman’s Yoga 28-Day Exercise Plan and had a sense that it was a good program. The directions were simple and to the point. Within a month I noted improvement in my flexibility and I lost some weight. I often recommend yoga to my patients who are looking for more flexibility or range of motion in their joints and back or who have chronic back pain.”

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