Acro Yoga Ninja Star Washing Machine Tutorial

Welcome to another post of AcroYoga with super day today we’ll be doing a washing machine called ninja star now for those who are unfamiliar with what a washing machine is it’s defined as kind of a cyclic movement it starts and end at the same position okay so you’ll notice that will start in straddle bat. And then will end up in straddle bat after going through a sequence of movement for my flyer today I have Alice over here and we’re going to take you through a few progressions before we get into ninja star this will get you familiar with some of the movements necessary.

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So that when you piece it all together it becomes fluid and flowy starting off with cartwheels, if you missed out the cartwheel post go check that out first. So that you can get some idea of what her wheel is okay taking hand grip. And then Alice’s cart rolling in right into straddle bat our first progression on is called tic TOCs so tic TOCs we start off by going over to my left now this is going to press into this hand okay I’ll bend this right knee. And then she presses and she draws their legs towards each other and she’ll to extend that leg arm forward okay from here we grab hands come back into straddle back once again key here is not to push so hard in the head focus more bending the knee that way her weight will shift over this way. But it’s also responsible for her to draw the leg over towards the other leg okay. So I’ll bend the knee pushing the hand so she draws her leg she extends her forward okay coming back down. So just try the gum thick talks for a few rounds get the hang of releasing the hands bending the knees okay once you have that down then we’re going to come into reverse bird we’ll go from here pickle hands coming to the reverse bird just like Burges in the opposite direction get very comfortable with this position especially for the flyer we’re trading around want to keep the chest lifted will Corral grab each other’s hands as much as she can she’ll try to keep her chest lifted right I might have to bend my knees a little bit. So I can use my hands to support her hands as for my toes my toes are going to be slightly pointed in alice is going to take our legs wide.

And then she can anchor weight over I’ll release the head and she’ll tap my hand and she goes back into reverse bird ok once again pivot we tap turn it around will you lift weight tap tryna work. And then we come back down okay I’ll give you guys a different angle a different perspective on that in terms of foot positioning. So you can see, if I keep my legs straight it’s going to be hard for her to make contact with my hands right. So I kind of draw my feet towards my head that way I can feel firm contact with her then we’ll shift I turn my toes in then we make that clap then we shift and make that clap okay. And then all the way back down. So once you’ve run through those progressions to tik toks. And the reverse start claps then we’ll piece everything together into the full washing machine okay I’ll indicate where it’s going to go by squeezing her hand so she push into this hand all the way I bend my knee she lifts up then she starts to spin back. So I use my right hand to guide her place my toes we make contact then I release the hand grab the foot hand coming back to Shraddha once again I push in the hand. But bend the knee a lot she reaches back my legs are straight. So that I can feel hand contact bend the knee we spin good.

And then once you get the hang of it. And you’re picking up the pace. And then back the straddle bet then try the opposite direction good and a card will hang up perfect good so give that practice a couple of things to look for as a base make sure you are extending the arms a lot of bases drop their elbows and that way pose the Flyers down and they’re folded you don’t want the flyer to be folded. Because it’s going to be harder to make that transition when you release hands and that ends today’s post of a curio goes super day tune in next time for our next acro yoga pose.

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