Best Bodyweight Exercises For Back

Best Bodyweight Exercises For Back

The Warm-Up and Cool-Down As with cardiorespiratory endurance exercise, you should warm up before every weight training session and cool down afterward (Figure 4.2). You should do both a general warm-up several minutes of walking or easy jogging and a warm-up for the weight training exercises you plan to perform. For example, if you plan to do one or more sets of 10 repetitions of bench presses with 125 pounds, you might do one set of 10 repetitions with 50 pounds as a warm-up. Do similar warm-up exercises for each exercise in your program.

To cool down after weight training, relax for 5-10 minutes after your workout. Although this is controversial, a few studies have suggested that including a period of post-exercise

Intensity/Resistance: Weights heavy enough to cause muscle fatigue when exercises are performed with good form for the selected number of repetitions

Time: Repetitions: 8-12 of each exercise (10-15 with a lower weight for people over age 50-60); Sets: 1 (doing more than 1 set per exercise may result in faster and greater strength gains); rest 1-2 minutes between exercises.

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Type of activity: 8-10 strength training exercises that focus on major muscle groups The FITT principle for a strength training workout.

Stretching may help prevent muscle soreness; warmed-up muscles and joints make the cool-down period a particularly good time to work on flexibility.

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