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But yoga can reduce compression of nerve roots and even alleviate Bow Pose Yoga swallowing disorders. Yoga can accomplish this in four ways: 1 by improving the suppleness of Bow Pose Yogathe muscles, 2 by increasing the versatility of the joints, Bow Pose Yoga 3 by refining the coordination of the various muscle groups in the neck and adjoining regions of Bow Pose Yoga the shoulder and thoracic spine, and 4 by facilitating relaxation.

In this way yoga can help in handling the seemingly contradictory tasks of increasing strength and flexibility, adding the soothing element of calm to maximize the balance between them There are two common misalignments of the neck see Figure 9 on next , which we call the tucker the head pulled back, neck too straight and the thruster head pushed forward, neck curved improperly. Both cause excessive strain in the muscles and joints of the neck.

Both become habitual, and therefore might seem normal. As you consider your own neck alignment, please be open to trying something new, even if it feels odd at first. Four Anusara Yoga actions provide a valuable template for realigning the neck and balancing strength with flexibility. nner Body Bright The inside of the chest swells and lifts in the front, sides, and back.

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