Eight Angle Pose Yoga

Eight Angle Pose Yoga

Alison Evans – Stretchworks Stretchworks explores how our emotional impacts on our physical; how muscles retain and absorb our daily stresses. In understanding its impact on our physical wellbeing, you can find ways to relax and release that stress, and transport the mind to a place of calm reflection and relaxation.

Alison’s free classes are on Thursday at 3:30pm and Friday at 10:30am.

Swam! Saradananda – Journey through the Chakras

Internationally-renowned yoga and meditation teacher who has been teaching for 37-years, Swami’s class will offer you pragmatic ways to integrate chakra work into your daily life to develop inner poise and keep your life in balance. Swami’s free

classes are on Thursday at 5:30pm and Friday at 12:30pm.

Danielle Collins – Face Yoga

The world’s-leading Face Yoga expert, and a renowned authority in yoga, Pilates and wellbeing. Face Yoga is a combination of exercise, massage, acupressure and relaxation which gives you a lifted, firmer complexion. It tones the face and releases built up tension, with the end result creating a relaxed, healthy and youthful glow. Danielle s free classes are on Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm.

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There’s so much to do at the show, your only problem will be fitting it all in!

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