Extended Side Angle Yoga Pose

Extended Side Angle Yoga Pose

Utthita Parsvakonasana

This wonderfulfull-bodyYoga Pose includes an intense side stretch. It’s energizing and relieves blocked energy from the hips and chest, also strengthening and toning the legs and back.

QUALITY Grounding EFFECT Flexibility, strength PROPS Block GAZE Up

1 Begin in Warrior II Pose on the right side. Place your right forearm on your right thigh with your hand facing up and stretch your left arm up over your head. Turn your gaze up toward your left hand and stay for 5 breaths.

2 Press actively through the outside edge of your left foot as you lift the arch. Ground down into the earth as you reach away in the opposite direction.

3 Draw the pelvis forward as you press your left thigh back and open your right knee toward the pin] toe of your right foot.

4 Soften your left hip down and twist your torso open toward the sky, drawing your shoulders back t open your chest.

5 Keep your chin slightly in toward your throat to lengthen and protect your neck as you look up.

6 Inhale up to Warrior II. Straighten your legs and switch sides.

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