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Hi there my name is Jana raynell I’m so excited that you stumbled onto my blog I just want to tell you a little bit about myself. And we okay teacher now in the Hamptons New York and I wasn’t always like this obviously not many people are born yoga teachers. But I was living in new york city for many years and I was very stressed out attempting to be an actress and not having any clue about my career and I stumbled into a yoga studio in Queens and completely fell in love the teacher was so gracious and I just felt incredible afterwards and I kept coming to yoga every day after that.

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And I remember paying five dollars of class every single time and I just really fell in love and I felt like I was finally grounded and finding a little bit of clarity and direction in my life and before I knew it I was in New York City getting my yoga teacher certification. And I’m so grateful to my teachers kk clue vo and yoga guru at pure yoga on the Upper East Side and what I’ve mostly learned through the practice of yoga is how to really ground myself and to feel confident and to be able to bring forth the brightest part of my personality and to share that with the world and so as a yoga teacher that is my greatest hope and joy for you as a student. So I hope that you’ll join me in these yoga posts on my youtube blog please subscribe nobody new posts coming out every single Monday to help you live your best life to feel amazing it to feel confident and beautiful and successful. So let’s practice together and have some fun namaste you.

Frog Backbend Pose Bhek Asana in Ashtanga Yoga Second Series 2 Minutes Yoga Health

Leon your belly een hele bende lies en flitch spek en greep de dop op hoogvliet wie begint alex in haar malibu stone onderkorf op tv uw printer toe zijn heel close to te trouwen en lanceerde heeft lipkleur twee-heid en solo in doe je kashona ik ben is can find doe ik weet je in deze strijd en verleidt chopin dus wie effort lees hier slowly kan werk en relaxing makar Asana ook kloppen bij bosch jos bij mij.

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