Good yoga postures for weight loss

Start with Basic Breathing Awareness: Begin by paying attention to Good yoga postures for weight loss how you breathe. Don’t try and change anything just yet. Just become aware Good yoga postures for weight loss of how you do it, how long are your inhales and your exhales? Is one longer than the other? Can you tell when it’s shallow? What types of things make your breathing speed up? These are all important questions to understand how you breathe now, and what causes stress responses in your body.

The eventual hope is to create stress resilience; with this resilience you should be able to control your response when something occurs that would typically cause stress. Practice this anytime and anywhere. It’s important to see how different people and different environments affect you. Breathing through your nose, you want to simply observe what’s happening. Answer the questions we presented above and simply just be in the moment, paying attention but not manipulating anything for about 2 to 3 minutes.

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