How To Clean Your Internal Body with Yoga

Namaskar and they’d be that and welcome to an in the world shut Korea’s shed Korea’s a shut Karma’s are popularly known as Korea’s this Korea’s help you to balance a three doshas the cuff up wat and picked up here you use wind that is a water friction and various other things to clean the body internally protect means gazing at one point continuously without blinking your eyes it can be done either gazing at a far object or a close one the best one I would suggest is to gazing at a candle light this Kriya helps you to clean the mind as well as your eyes so what you do is you sit in cross leg position. But mass and wash your ass on any other rustle keep a candle around one-and-a-half to two feet distance whatever you feel comfortable and start gazing at the root of the light not the tip of the light. But the root of the light, if possible don’t link your eyes and constantly just gaze at it this Kriya helps you to reduce the number of thoughts wonderful practice to improve your concentration also it’s natural that after some time your eyes might start watering the reading of the eyes is cleansing your eyes.

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So that’s why it’s a Kriya a cleansing process and by constantly looking at the candle light it is also helping you to clean the mind that is reducing the number of thoughts and improving the concentration. So just be there enjoy it, if the water is coming out let it flow out you don’t interrupt it. And when you feel complete when you feel that you have done with this Kriya you can do it for two minutes and slowly with practice take it up to ten minutes and once you feel complete slowly very slowly close your eyes just feel the difference in the body in the mind then drop the palms keep them on your eyes. And then open your eyes a wonderful Kriya for even your kids to improve the concentration and improve the health of the eyes you.

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