How to Find Balance in Your Life and Yoga Practice

Welcome to the Ron yoga finding balance is a key to have a fistful like using yoga is a great tool to practice bringing that balance Yoga many times we find that practices are either very yang such as power yoga or any of the strong practices or they’re very yin very soothing or restorative it’s possible to find the in within the end it’s possible to practice a powerful practice that has strong poses and yet remain very calm focused with soft breath next time you practice your yoga see what are you using which muscles are you using and what can you let go of what can you relax sometimes we add intensity that is not really needed it almost feels like we’re doing more when we add that intensity.

How to Find Balance in Your Life and Yoga Practice Photo Gallery

But in reality we may achieve far greater results, if we can do whatever we’re doing place of softness finding the feminine illness sovereigns in the power can you then find places in your life where you can soften the intensity where you still do what you need to do.

But from a much more relaxed loving palm place finding the balance between yin and yang finding a little more of that feminine of that softness of that calmness will totally help to bring life into bliss thanks for listening.

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