How to Give the Best Hands On Assists in Pigeon Pose

Welcome to Tyrone Yoga everybody and welcome Vanessa thanks for joining us today hands on adjustments super yummy super delicious super fun sometimes great for safety for Corrections. But one pose that really feels good in the pigeon prep. So we’re gonna work on the pigeon the supine version and I’ll show you guys a little bit how to do it to deepen how to do it to feel good to realign the body. And we’ll have anis help us with that we’ll start with pigeon with the right foot forward remember that the more the foot goes out the more intense it is Vanessa is on the flexible side so she’s got it more out some of us will have the foot back in all the way at the groin makes sure that as you take the foot out you’re not losing your hip neutrality the squareness of the hip. And you’re ready slowly start to lower down again each one of you will lower to a different place. But we’re gonna focus on the adjustment I’m gonna have to misalign her for a moment and one thing to remember is a lot of people have the back leg outside not in line with the hip in that case I’m gonna lift to support her knee and help her bring it back in.

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So that her leg is in line with the hip the other thing is we gotta see that the hips are actually aligned square she’s very close to perfect. But consumer side is just a little lower than this side. So In that sense I can bring her back up a tiny bit right. And then since it’s gonna be a hands-on adjustments instead of like letting her go and she might she didn’t fall back. But many people do fall back I usually keep this hand here lock her in place with the other hand. And now that she’s got the correct alignment I can go ahead and deepen do they feel good and feel a little more intense I like to use my thumb and go a little bit into the hip pulling it down I’m gonna press that. But this would lift this side up so to counter that I’m gonna press the left side down as well so both is pressing down be careful it’s great for flexi people for other people use less pressure. Because that can really intensify the post placing both hands down being again very cautious of your weight I’m pressing gently for those of you little people working on big people maybe you’re pressing a little harder with your body weight.

But notice the person and don’t always judge by the size sometimes they’re just very tight. And it’s intense even though you can’t really tell one thing I look at is to make sure that their hands are not squinching or there’s nothing that shows tension or stress, if there is immediately back off and ask them, if they’re okay don’t push beyond that once I got the hips down I can now start the loving moment and I can actually add a little bit of a massage especially since I see some little bit of roundedness here I can massage that. And then again to deepen it again I’ll press down with possibly one hand down across the other hand making sure the shoulders are relaxed there’s no tension which is very common when it’s tight in the hips we tend to tense in the shoulders and I’ll do the same on the other side keeping the left side of the hip down a tiny little bit of yumminess both hips now. And then be cautious of how you let go let go gently. Because this may have been pretty intensive thanking her for allowing me to her in that. And then slowly and is going to come up and make her way to downward dog you’re willing you can move around a tiny bit. And when you’re ready switch around and bring the left foot forward how are you doing feeling okay enjoying the adjustments and slowly comes down you gotta remember to adjust the foot and whatever you’re doing according to your level and that maybe your hands on adjustment as a teacher maybe you’re telling them well you went too far out with the foot the basic things that Vanessa in this case has right doesn’t mean that everybody does so start with seeing the basic alignment the safety issues making sure their unique feels okay and that it’s actually hip to stretch right so they’re the any adjustments you’ve got a pretty perfect leg. So It’s in line with the hip here I go placing again one hand on the thigh one hand back just to kind of give a little bit of pressure here.

And then I drop and I breathe with her being present is at least half of the adjustment time then I can go and get both hands on the lower back hip area I’m very aware to see that they’re not reacting in any way that shows tension whether shoulders or hand and of Massage just. Because you want to tell them that you’re not only intensifying their pose. But you also like them as students and want them to be happy. And it feels good hopefully you want for their benefit and that they would feel good and deep into practice. And then the cross version I’m doing it the reverse way this time left hand pressing right hand massaging a tiny bit you can massage the stroller, if you see anything tight just reach there even, if you’re not like dude that’s weird I don’t want to massage make sure that they’re really soft and released and there’s no tension. And the other side I think what I do is a lot of what I love to receive and I love little massages. So I love giving them, if you don’t want to you can just make sure your student is just released last little even touch almost leave with a place where you might have left them even on both sides that’s slowly releasing them nestled snugly come back up go to her downward dog to release so how you enter and exit your adjustment is also very important I was making sure that you’re coming in gently and slowly deepening and exiting gently to sit thank you all for reading enjoy thanks Vanessa namaste.

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