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Hi you guys it’s Jenna right now here. And this is my one of my best friends very jello hi. And we are blogging from East Hampton New York um we thought it would be an awesome idea to talk about adventures in her life. And just diving into them. Because it was a goal of mine in January to be out at least Hampton for the summer and I can check the goal off the list.

Because I assure it is official listen and I moved in. And this is my first official blog post from East Hampton and my friend Mary Jo is about to start an adventure of her own in one week she’s about to dive into a new adventure and I wanted her to talk about that I am going to be moving to San Diego um I Love New York City. But I know that I want to broaden my horizons and try some other places that I feel loyal to and invested in and I was cast in a show this summer there and I’ve fallen in love with the city. And I’m excited to just you know run with it and see what happens. And the open to whatever been adventures present themselves I love that and. So It’s really fun being on like a week out to starting an adventure. And I’m just curious like what kind of thoughts are going through your mind, if you’re like second guessing at all or, if you are like really just so excited and what the whole process is so excited um not second guessing at all. But definitely a little overwhelmed at moments um I feel the need to be making lists like every day. And it’s we’ve talked about how satisfying it is.

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So I can work off something on a list. But I I just know in my heart of hearts that it’s what I’m supposed to do so even though I don’t have an answer for how it’s all going I just trust that it will be great totally I think that’s like such an awesome way to begin something like that and I think there are a lot of moments in life when an opportunity presents itself to you you know deep down that it would be so right for you to do it and often times we may have a moment or like self-doubt where we’re not sure it’s like it’s even possible or what would it be like. And then it’s just like trusting that once you get there everything is going to be so amazing and knowing that it’s always possible it’s always possible even, if you feel like how is this gonna come together it always does everything always works out it is just that last jump. And just like doing it literally all it takes is just like making the plans and telling people about it. And it happens so how does it feel officially begin East Hampton it feels so good I just knew like I needed to be out of the city to like work on some of my projects. So I’ve brought up before and um it feels so good to finally be here. And it’s better than I could have imagined like everything I was planning and dreaming it would be it’s even better. And it’s only like twenty four hours in off to a good start off to a great start. And I’m positive it’s gonna be exactly the same way for you and Mary Jo has been still such an amazing inspiration in my life.

Because she has this mentality about everything that she doesn’t like, if she wants to do something she just does it there’s no like second-guessing it it’s just this go get an attitude like you want something just go do it and I think that’s such an awesome concept like to every day you want something bad enough you can absolutely take the actions to make it happen. And it’s just having that fearlessness that you possess and um just making your life what you really want it to be. Because it’s really in your hands. And just trusting you know they I I have this crazy idea in January to spend a month in LA. Because I wanted to be on the west coast and I originally was going for two months. And then ended up booking a show in Wisconsin. And it ended up turning my trip into a month and I at that moment had the feeling of life was a month even worth it should I just not go when just postpone that trip. But I was like you know Mary Jo you’ve been wanting to do this. So I did it. And it was amazing and so fulfilling and I learned so much about myself. And the things that I want which is what I think has propelled me even more into this idea of San Diego. And you know that adventure I love that I think that’s so amazing I’m so thankful that you’ve been on my blog and I am here it’s like something I could check out my list cuz you’re finally in the same town for right.

And I’m just so grateful to have her friendship and I just wanna encourage you, if you have something or an adventure that you’re like dying to have or you know there’s something you really want your life just don’t even think twice about it. And just dive into it and trust that in the end it’s all gonna work out and probably be better than you expect it to yeah so yeah incumbent at home club into my run club, if you’re in East Hampton thank you so much for reading I’ll see you soon.

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