How To Reduce High Blood Pressure With Yoga Exercise

Namaskar and David earth and welcome to Anand / Yoga for high blood pressure high blood pressure is a condition wherein your blood pressure is always higher than the normal required in your body this condition is also known as hypertension there are various reasons that you can have high blood pressure it might be. Because of your age it might be. Because of the overweight it might also be.

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Because of malfunctioning of your glands the endocrine glands are also. Because of kidney not functioning properly. And the most common reason is. Because of the stress tension. And the strain that you go through and day to day life yoga can help you reduce your blood pressure.

And then get back to normal by improving the health of your heart. And the other organs in your body it it also help you to stay calm and relaxed physically as far as mentally just try this set of arsons and feel the difference in your body as well as the preparation see how mudra symbol of line is one of the best practices for high BP patient to get their blood pressure back to normal in this mudra there are three things which happen at one book first is stretching your fingers wide the second is taking the tongue out. And the third is making the sound all these three things happen at one go after that you lower your chin slightly and look up and fix against so setting a normal cross leg position at the pad mass in our pad mass in whatever is comfortable for you then you have three things at one go.

And then you relax the whole body see that when you’re maintaining your breathing is on through your nose thus woodruf activates of massages the carotid arteries which control your blood pressure a wonderful practice for controlling your blood pressure trimble goodness practice alternately with Jeeva bundle three times you.

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