How to relieve shoulder and neck pain with Desktop Yoga poses

A lot of you would like to know what yoga can be done at the desktop it’s where you spend eight to nine hours every day working. So we’re gonna take you through a series of posts on the yoga house blog which deals with what all can be done at your desktop we call this desktop yoga this is Neetu Singh and Manish Paul from total yoga enjoy reading interlock your hands and as you breathe in stretch upwards holding for a few seconds slowly exhale. And come back to the start position the second stretch is a variation of Draconis and sit at the edge of your chair hold one wrist with the other hand and as you breathe in start to stretch the shoulders backwards in inhaling and expanding lung capacity this will counter all the effects of slouching over a laptop the whole day the third stretch is a slightly more difficult stretch it’s a gomukh Asana.

How to relieve shoulder and neck pain with Desktop Yoga poses Photo Gallery

So for gomukh Asana stretch one hand on top interlock both your hands, if you can’t do what Neetu is doing you could do this with a handkerchief or a towel and get closer every week once you’ve done one shoulder repeat on the other side inhale stretch interlock your hands gomukh Asana is fantastic to improve lung capacity and in this case it will ensure that the shoulders don’t slouch these three Asanas will ensure that your shoulders. And your posture remains upright I hope you can use these stretches for the shoulders to ensure that the posture is maintained. And just see to it that your shoulders don’t slouch as you’re prone to do that signing off here need to sing and Manish Paul from total yoga keep reading Yoga house in the next series we’ll take on some next stretches.

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