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So here are the top five diet tips for yoga to improve insulin sensitivity and make getting pregnant easy:

Reduce intake of packaged products. Essentially, don’t eat anything that has a nutrient label on the packet. Be it cereals, milk or just biscuits, no more packaged food for you. Especially the low-fat versions of yogurt, cheese or even ice cream. Similarly, stay away from sugar-free products, whether it’s a cupcake, cola or simply a grain-free croissant (whatever that means).

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The thumb rule is that if it’s selling on the basis of a single nutrient or ingredient—on the presence or absence of it—then stay away. E.g. gluten-free, low-fat, high-protein, etc.—if this is why you are buying it, then you have fallen for a ploy that is milking profits off the current villain or hero of the weight-loss market, leaving you poorer in both your wallet yoga and health. Btw, have you heard the latest? Gluten-free is now linked to Type 2 diabetes. So much for you believing that it is the cause of your thyroid, obesity and flatulence. Get real, take the effort to educate yourself on the basics of food.

Eat according to the season. Recently I published a document online (available for free download on my FB page and website), which lists the fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses that one must eat while they are in season. Today, with everything being available in the market all the time, the millennials have lost the wisdom of what to eat and what to avoid depending upon the season. Remember, you get everything year round because it’s frozen in some large cold storage. So make that logistical move from mall to a small market and patronize the stuff that is in season. Other than tasting better, it will also improve your chances of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Improved diet diversity is good news for the intestinal mucosa, probiotic bacteria and insulin sensitivity.

Introduce a pickle or chutney in one of your main meals every day. These may not be taught to us as sources of Vit B12 in schools or even nutrition colleges, but it is exactly these essential fat-packed side dishes that help us assimilate and even make our own B12. You can choose from peanut, til, coconut chutney to mango, mirchi, mushroom pickle based on your taste buds and the region you live in. One tsp of pickle to breakfast or lunch, and two-three tsp of chutney to lunch or dinner provides the body with a dose of essential fats, herbs and spices that are cleverly mixed to improve insulin response. Besides making the meal interesting, it lowers the glycaemic index of the overall meal, thus allowing insulin to respond optimally. This optimization of insulin response could well be the reason why the body craves for pickle during pregnancy, at least that’s what our Hindi movies teach us.

Learn to set curd at home. Better still, find a husband who can do it for you. From the diverse strains of gut-friendly bacteria to the essential amino acids and B vitamins, dahi is the magical food that you can’t afford to miss. The probiotic yogurt in the market is no match for home-set curd. The home-set curd is also a good antidote to breakouts and sweet cravings during PMS and it will help keep acidity under control once pregnant, especially during the first trimester. Have a bowl every day and have it with a meal for best results.

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