Mudhasana Child’s Pose

Relaxation Pose

This pose is used throughout asana and is a great restorative, restful pose. Go into this pose whenever you feel fatigue or want to rest.

Mudhasana (Child’s Pose)


Mudha means “silly” or “childish.”


This pose relaxes the body between other poses and is considered a nice rejuvenating, gentle, nurturing pose. Good for relief of back pain and to help balance the mind.


1. Kneeling down, sit on the back of your heels.

2. Bend forward and bring your forehead to the ground; bring your arms around your sides toward the back.

3. Sink into the pose and breathe deeply and fully. Relax. Keep the spine stretched.

4. Another version of this pose is to stretch your arms in front of you instead of behind you.

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