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The yoga sign became a part of the emerging middle-class hippie culture loaded with drugs and hedonism. On a par with LSD yoga now was seen to be able to expand consciousness’ and help to find your real self. The hippie culture was a part of a wider counterculture very critical of Western society. The counterculture ideology which swept through Western institutions of higher education was often very political and romanticist (in the sense of Rousseau and German Romanticism). This counterculture re-used romanticism’s critique of reigning materialist and scientific worldviews. And the yoga sign easily found its place here.

Popular wisdom had it that the revolutionary core of the counterculture later split into two: those seeking the revolution of society ended up in universities and those seeking personal revolution ended up in the ashrams.54 Among those proclaiming inner-revolution’ the whole palette of Indian practices and cultures became a part of their construction of a romanticist counterculture and self-identity. They found something different – the mystical, romantic and spiritual Orient’ – to hold up against a materialistic consumer society accused of being frustrating and debilitating. Yoga, Buddhism, Tantra – all promising the inner revolution’ and the fundamental transformation of the self – now became a part of an alternative lifestyle. Once more the yoga sign – the yoga DNA – had become involved in the construction of modernist self-identities: the emancipated hedonist of the counter-culture.

Lift up your lower abdomen and root your tailbone down, Peacock Pose Yoga creating length and support in your lumbar spine. Place your hands on top of your knees Peacock Pose Yoga . Push up with your legs and down with your hands in an isometric action. Lift up through your torso as you root downward through the pelvic bones. Notice all sensations in your back, hips, and pelvis. You might feel some discomfort at first, which will lessen as the bones realign. Be patient. Change the crossing of your legs if you had the right one in front of the left, put the left one in front of the right and then repeat the exercise.

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