Power Yoga Postures For Hands

Namaskar I’m David that and welcome to Anand over Power Yoga for hands Power Yoga is a complete body workout it focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total fitness of your body power yoga for hands will not only strengthen the muscles of your hands. But also in the joints of your hands it will focus on your biceps triceps deltoids. And also the joints of your hands power yoga hands technique 12 you start off with normal sweet Namaskar position 1.

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Take the Namaskar up and back. And come to the hip hinge position tabletop and go down from your bend the legs rest up attacks legs in front some distance in your feet from here you just raise the buttocks up with the support of the hands. And the heats. And you can maintain enjoy this wonderful workout for your hands then feeling that the shoulders the wrists. And the muscles. And then come out as a big note you can have the movement in this, if you can’t maintain for longer.

So this is the movement come back in go up come back again go up. And come back then you have a good deep breathing. And then stop coming forward allow the hands to relax in this just stretch them.

So that you get the tightness is released then come to the tabletop hip hinge come up and have a good stretch. And come out this practice works wonderfully on your wrist on your shoulders. And the deltoids you.

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