Rotating fingers

Place the left hand in your lap and, in turn, take each finger and thumb gently by the thumb and forefinger of the right hand and rotate it, breathing in one – and -two – and – three – and – as you rotate each finger, and breathing out as you move to the next finger. Repeat with the other hand.

3. Pinching down at webs

Place the left hand in your lap and with the finger and thumb of the right hand pinch down at the webs between the fingers quite firmly. Breathe out one – and – two – and – three – and – as you do so. Repeat five times, then repeat with the other hand. /

4. Finger squeeze

a. Enclose, in turn, the thumb and fingers of the left hand in the clenched right hand. Squeeze hard and gently pull (not with arthritic hands). Repeat until each finger of the left hand has had its squeeze, and keep with the feeling of tension in the active right hand as you do so.

b. Then put both hands together in the ‘prayer’ position and rub vigorously for 30 seconds, again keeping with the feeling of tension now in both arms.

c. Shake the tension out again and reinforce the memory of relaxation as you do so.

Move on to Day Two when you are ready.


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