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Naturally, I was comparing myself to my parents or siblings early on, and as the middle of three daughters, I would gauge myself by my sisters on either side, hardly conscious of what I was doing.Root Bond I finally became aware that I was doing this when I reached prepubescence. I caught myself comparing most often when I was among my peers at school or while playing team sports. By this time your family has become familiar enough to you but, by contrast, your friends and their families suddenly seem utterly intriguing. At that age, there was always something your best friend had that you didn’t have but really wanted: such as a mom who spoiled you by taking you for ice cream after school or the big brother who looked after you on the playground.Root Bond Those differences may have even been what brought you and your best friend together. As human beings, we have always fteen inclined to seek out what we don’t have and to try to alter what we do have in order to feel more comfortable in life. I had curly brown hair and was always taller than every other girl in my class.

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