Sage Koundinya I Pose Yoga

A large screen displayed an edited video montage about Siddha Yoga and its gurus over the years, leading us to the present day and Gurumayi’s induction.Sage Koundinya I Pose Yoga Throughout the day, there were dharma teachings given by Western Siddha Yoga Swamis. We contemplated the teachings and were led in long meditations. Sitting in an upright seated position for these long stretches was incredibly physically trying, but all a part of the practice of meditation. After all, the goal of meditation is to overcome the obstacles of everything, including the distractions caused by our very own bodies, in order to still the fluctuations of the mind.Sage Koundinya I Pose Yoga I looked toward the empty seat of the guru all morning with the anticipation of her scheduled arrival, but as the day wore on, her absence apparent, I lost interest in all my earlier external fixations. With each meditation, I felt myself go deeper. I was beginning to understand the point of the practice, and to relish each opportunity for internal exploration.

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