Side Plank Pose Yoga

By becoming an integrated being, we are thus more aptly integrated with nature.Side Plank Pose Yoga Ayurveda also recognizes the complex symbiotic relationship between the awarenesses within our beings. Just as each of our organs and parts possesses its own awareness, our mind and spirit is equally aware. By this reality, each of our thoughts affects our organs and parts and, conversely, what affects our physical parts like the injection of a chemical or a toxic release in turn affects our mind.Side Plank Pose Yoga These principles of mind-body medicine go one step further in Ayurveda to include perhaps the most important element in the equation the soul. It is impossible to eliminate consciousness and the spirit in the assessment and promotion of one’s health. Within each of us, and in the universe at large, there flows a vital energy called prana. This life force is the shakti energy of our beings.

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