How to Transform Your House or Hotel into a Yoga Palace

When traveling and away from the place where you usually practice yoga, or even when practicing at home on your own, try to re-create an aesthetic or sacred practice space. Here are some tips:

If the room has windows, let light in.

Practice by candlelight.

Set out a vase or drinking glass with a flower or flowers.

If the room is bare bones, set out a small but peaceful photo, drawing, or postcard of something meaningful to you.

If there is no mat to practice on, roll out a plush towel.

Use a sofa or chair cushion for a bolster.

If noise is a factor, put on a cassette or a CD with some calming, but never distracting, music.

And there will always be days you don’t feel like doing yoga. These are the days to begin with your favorite poses and repeat them a few times. Be aware that some poses are stimulating and others more restorative. The poses you do will affect your mood and energy throughout the day. Don’t do a stimulating series of poses before going to bed; and likewise, you may not want to start your day with restorative poses.

Begin with a short practice of about fifteen to twenty minutes and work up to thirty or forty-five minutes. If the longer time frame is not possible, but you really want to practice more, try two shorter sessions. If you can’t squeeze breathing practices into

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