This flowing, dancelike approach to hatha yoga was founded by Kali Ray, who is also the director of the tri-yoga center in Santa Cruz, California. Triyoga incorporates a series of continuous, precise flowing postures and integrates asana, pranayama, and meditation. The mood is meditative.

The practice has seven levels, ranging from basic beginning to advanced. Tri-yoga consists of a spontaneous, dance-related series of poses accompanied by background music. Each series or level of poses prepares you for the next level. In all levels, tri-yoga works with the body’s flexibility, strength, endurance, and the mind’s knowledge of the tri method. The sequences in class are repeated, deepened, and elaborated upon. The careful incremental approach emphasizes breath, mudra (hand postures), and energy flow. Tri-yoga is considered therapeutic. Classes conclude with a seated pranayama and meditation.

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