What is Indian Champissage?

Champissage comes from the Hindi word ‘champi’, meaning ‘massage of the head.’ This is the name given to the Indian Head Massage therapy developed by Narendra Mehta, founder of the London Centre of Indian Champissage International. In its contemporary form, it is a massage of the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, ears and face, together with energy balancing. The recipient is seated and remains fully clothed. The average length of a treatment is thirty minutes.

There seem to be many different ways of performing Indian Head Massage – is there one correct way?

Since Indian Head Massage was introduced to the West, techniques have been developed and adapted. The same therapist may also adapt their treatment to suit the individual client; for example avoiding certain areas of the body that are injured, adapting the pressure of the massage or concentrating more on areas of specific tension. This is all part of the holistic approach, where the treatment is geared towards the needs of the individual at the time.

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