You’ve talked about spirits associated with the Earth and its many species. But what about beings who appear to have arrived here from other planets? I’m talking about extra-terrestrials. Too many people have reported interactions with ETs for them to be ignored. Where do they fit in with us? Are they guides, curious visitors, or do they have their own agenda for being here? Do they ultimately plan to take over?

This question contains a number of assumptions. Some are false, while others require adjustment, so we need to present a little contextualising background information before we can answer.

We’ll begin by using a model that has been presented elsewhere. Broadly speaking, reality can be said to consist of three basic levels. The first is the electrophysical. This is the physical, bodily level. It includes everything that is apparent to your senses, which you can physically access by touching, seeing, smelling, and so on. The second level is the electromagnetic. Microwaves, x-rays, and the spectrum of light both visible and invisible to human senses exist at the electromagnetic level. The human aura, an aspect of the energetic self, is also electromagnetic. The electromagnetic realm is more rarefied than the electrophysical. More rarefied again is the third, the electrospiritual spectrum. Your spiritual self exists at this level, along with every other spirit.


Within each of the three fundamental levels are further levels. From the human perspective, material forms extend from the everyday to the microscopic to the sub-atomic to the quantum field where matter dissolves. Other forms of matter are much larger than the human, from the planetary, to the galactic, to sheets of billions of galaxies. Some matter takes the form of rocky minerals. Other matter is organic, liquid or gaseous in form. The same variations apply to the electromagnetic spectrum, with frequencies ranging from very large waves to very small waves, and where most frequencies are invisible to other frequencies, so they pass right through each other. The same variation applies to the electrospiritual. Some spiritual identities are huge, others are minute, and identities commonly vibrate on different frequencies, rendering them imperceptible to each other. Human beings function cognitively and perceptually within a very narrow band of what exists physically, electromagnetically and spiritually throughout reality. Much of what is happening occurs outside your powers of perception and understanding. This is one fact you need to consider.

The other fact you need to appreciate is that, from your human perspective, none of the three basic levels exist wholly separate from one another. Every physical entity has an electromagnetic aura as well as a spiritual identity associated with it. While spiritual identities can exist wholly and solely in the spiritual domain, beings living in the physical domain cannot exist without the electromagnetic and the electrospiritual levels. A planet without either would be lifeless.

So from the human perspective it is necessary to appreciate that the three basic levels of reality are intertwined. However, different individuals have varying perceptions and cognition of how this is so. Some perceive other people’s auras, and even the auras of trees and mountains. Others can hear those in the spiritual domain, some see them, others can fly out of their body and join them. But even these more perceptually and cognitively able human beings are aware of only a narrow band of the totality of what exists. We repeat: most of what exists does so outside the humanly perceptable electrophysical, electromagnetic and electrospiritual bands of reality.

One factor that contributes to this narrowness of human awareness is that what are called extraterrestrial biological beings (EBEs) exist on different frequencies. A way to understand this is to appreciate that fog contains physical molecules just like your body, but they are less dense and are suspended in air. Similarly, many EBEs possess a much more subtle body compared to the human body, consisting of physical molecules that vibrate at a high frequency and possess so little physical density that they are suspended in the electromagnatic. Their bodies may be likened to gas molecules suspended in ultraviolet light. These kinds of EBE bodies don’t need to ingest food and drink like the human body requires to continue living, so they don’t have respiratory, digestive or excretionary systems. Their body shape is also less defined. Human observers have noted the degree to which some EBEs are able to shapeshift. This is because they project a mental image of themselves to those human beings to whom they chose to appear. The less your awareness is tied to the outright physical, the more your activities are actioned by pure intent, and the less you are tied to a single physical identity.

Throughout the physical universe EBEs exist in a wide range of forms and frequencies, from the incredibly dense, being rock-hard and apparently immobile, to the biological, as on this planet, to what may best be termed ethereal. From the human perspective, being a biological entity involves carbon-based life-forms fuelled by water and light. From our perspective, a biological entity encompasses every type of life-form imaginable, evolved from any and all chemical bases, and living within often inconceivable environments. An example of what we mean exists here on Earth, in the creatures that scientists have discovered living in boiling water heated by undersea volcanic vents. Scientists considered life in such environments impossible—until living creatures were found. The same may be said for life in the universe. It exists in forms and at frequencies within the electrophysical and electromagnetic spectrums that human beings can’t currently conceive. Of course, just because they are inconceivable doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Or already here.

Are extra-terrestrials a threat to humanity? To respond in the widest sense, every human being living on this planet is an extraterrestrial, because all originate from the spiritual domain. You, and every other human being, migrated to this planet in order to inhabit human bodies. The same applies to all the other varieties of spirits who have migrated here to associate with non- human biological species. Just because human spiritual identities have been inhabiting this planet for a very long time doesn’t make you any less of an extraterrestrial.

As regards the biggest threat to the planet, it doesn’t come from invading ETs but from humanity. Over-population, factory farming and fishing, pollution of the land, air and sea, predatory commerce, devastation of habitats, extermination of species, war-mongering, the threat of devastation via nuclear technology … human beings pose the biggest threat to themselves and to the planet. If ETs did invade and take over, they could hardly do a worse job of caring for the planet and all those living on it! We are joking, of course. We don’t foresee ETs actually invading and taking over. This is merely another fear human beings project onto reality.

What we have tried to indicate in our answer is that reality is much more complex, and the presence of identities on, in and around this planet is much more nuanced, than current human assumptions take into account. As to what will happen in the future, what interactions will develop between these many kinds of electrophysical, electromagnetic and electrospiritual identities, and how the very real threats to the planet’s current status will be resolved . only time will tell.

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