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As your body awareness improves through this practice, you will Yoga collective be able to adjust your postural and movement patterns in a more refined way while involved in Yoga collective your normal daily activities. You will recognize opportunities to let yoga inform your movements and posture for the better.

The poses we have chosen are a combination of classical asana and variations or excerpts of poses that have particular therapeutic benefit. The poses in each chapter are arranged to be practiced in sequence, which has its own logic, but once you have tried to do all the poses, you should concentrate Yoga off the Mat The Poses most on the ones that feel right to you.

Poses with stages have progressive levels of difficulty; the variations to poses give alternatives requiring equal skill. The Chapters We begin with ubiquitous poses. They appear so frequently throughout what follows that they deserve a chapter of their own, which we call The All-Stars. Look at them while you are fresh; done properly, there is something wonderful about each one.

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