Yoga Exercise for Digestion Must Watch

Emma Skye I am David Earth welcome to on a yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems eunbong this bandha will help you to make your diaphragm elastic flexible and thereby improve your breathing capacity you’ll also tone up the abdominal muscles and give a massage to the abdominal organs so going ot on one you have comfortable distance in your feet you take your buttons down.

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And rest the pants on the knees there is slight curve of the back then you have to three times deep chest breathing wherever you inhale expand the chest raise the shoulders up exhale drop them down keep the feeling of the muscles use when you’re inhaling as you will be doing the same without inhaling so after two three times of deep chest breathing you exhale out completely and after complete exhalation just expand the chest without taking the air in the chin is inside.

So that the air doesn’t go in. Because of the mock inhalation the abdominals sucked in which also makes the diaphragm more flexible just enjoy as long as you are comfortable when you feel like coming out first release the abnormal. And then slowly take the air in. And then relax stand up straight you.

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