Yoga Exercise for Flexibility

Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor yoga with props yoga props includes any object which will help you to stretch the balance to increase the maintaining capacity and to improve the overall awesome yoga props include chairs breaks blankets mats wall support table support and many more you can form your own course from the set of the arsons that I’m showing you go moccasin to go in this arson you’re sitting with the legs in front bend one leg slightly and take the other leg inside and keep the heel by the side of the buttock take the other leg up knee on the knee.

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And the feet on the side this is the first stage of guru Carson now take one hand up. And the other hand down in traditional boom Carson ear to catch both the hands especially for people who can’t catch the hands they can use the prop of the belt wherein you’re catching the belt with the hands and to increase the flexibility of your shoulders you’re having the pull so first you pull the hand up which is lower.

And then you pull the hand which is up down. So you’re pulling it down. And then pulling it up pulling it down and pulling it up after few days of practice of this movement and what you can do is slowly start taking the heart hand which is down upward on the rope and again have the same movement. And then when you feel complete you just relax drop the rope. And come out take the hands answer it in the legs relax for some time. And then you can do it with the other other hand up. And the other leg up just try this out with the rope, if you can’t do it with normal traditional way and feel the difference.

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