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Namaskar I’m Davey that and welcome to Anand over Power Yoga for hands our yoga is a complete body workout it focuses Rhonda strength stamina flexibility and total fitness of your body power yoga for hands will not only strengthen the muscles of your hands. But also the joints of your hands it will focus on your biceps triceps deltoids. And also the joints of your hands power yoga hands technique you start with the Surya Namaskar position one slowly inhaling you get dig a backward bend. And then come to the hip hinge position from her you will tabletalk take a deep breath in exhaling stretched down. And you’re a good stretch from you come to the lunge position one leg back look up.

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And then downward facing dog from downward facing dog you’re coming with a push up position where in your body is not touching the ground only the toes. And the palms and again come back to downward facing dog come back to the push up hold and downward-facing dog one more time push up hold and Arnold facing dog now you start coming out for that you bring one leg forward. And come to the lunge pose come back the forward bending position bend the tabletop hip hinge come up and have a wonderful backward friend. And come out this practice will help you to strengthen your deltoids your biceps your triceps. And also the joints of your hands.

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