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Namaskar I’m david at and welcome to Anand over power you go for back Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total body fitness power yoga for back will not only help you to strengthen the back muscles.

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But will also make them flexible power you got technique 12 you start with namaskar pollution in surah Namaskar take the number scott up and back I wonder for the back when focus on your back. Because in this post you’re working on your back a pinch Table Talk you focus on your back do your legs are getting in good stretch. And then very slowly sit and lie down bend both the legs comfortable this sits in your feet.

But the feet closer to your body from here raise the buttocks up and take that diamond as much high as possible so one and down two and down inhaling you can go up exiting down inhaling up exiting down and last time inhale up and exhale down and start something up and stand a good stretch under table top up pinch hide the backward bang. And come out this practice not only works on your lower back. But also your upper back you.

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