Yoga For Beginners Couples Yoga Part 1

Emma Skye I am maybe that welcome to Anand yoga kappa yog ax Capell yoga or parkland sugah is a wonderful way to reconnect with each other it also helps you to have closeness in the relationship you will find two different types of we use in the set in some posts you both will be performing one acid together or in some posts one partner is performing in arson. And the other partner is supporting just try these out and feel the difference in your body as well as your relationships soothe the padang boost arson one in this you are helping a partner to stretch the back side of your legs so one partner is lying down with the legs closer to each other hands closer to the body or spread wide whatever she feels comfortable then one Bend one leg bring it closer to the abdomen now you catch the heel of the partner catch the knee of the partner and from you try to bring the leg perpendicular to the ground you’re pushing the leg from here behind. So the leg starts becoming straight and then, if you want to increase the stretch slowly push the toes down which will increase the stretch the other partner can just enjoy the stretch by closing the eyes and relaxing the coughs are getting stretch the hamstrings are getting stretched the person who is stretching or pushing the leg should be sensitive and should know how much to push don’t go stretch on both on the stretch. And then when you feel like won’t release or, if the partner says that she wants to release just slowly drop the leg first bend it and slightly give the pressure on the lead. And then release. And then you can do it with your the leg Shallah Bosson a wonderful way to increase the stretch in celibacy true couple yoga or partner yoga in this one partner is lying down on the abdomen when palm over the other keeping the strain on it but, if she has to do it alone to see how much legs she lifts up.

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So, if she is doing alone this is how she will do the shallow basin taking both the legs up now relax I just feel the difference when you do it with your partner where in your partner helps you take the legs put the legs bent. So that the weight doesn’t go on your back and slowly just lift it just to feel the difference in the height. So that the back is getting benefit is getting more stretch. But abdomin is getting more pressure just be you the other partner is enjoying the stretch and whenever she tells you to release you can slowly drop the leg down and let her enjoy the benefit you can also do other shilla Bosson that is raising one one leg up, if you want star Nova crossing a wonderful twisting position in this one partner is lying down on the back with the hands spread. And the shoulder level then Bend one leg to keep the feet slightly on the knee or towards your thighs. And the partner will be giving the stretch catches the shoulder the right shoulder. And the right knee that is the leg which is bent. And the same side same shoulder and slowly starts pushing it the right shoulder on the left side with the left hand you are resisting in the shoulder going up. And the right hand you are trying to take the right knee closer to the ground the partner turns the face on the opposite side closes the eyes. And just enjoys this wonderful stretch when you’re doing a partner yoga session it’s natural that we were getting more stretch than what you can achieve individually. And when you feel that you have to release the partner or, if the partner says freeze it slowly allow the leg come back release the leg. And just relax.

And you can do it with the other side pathan wok Rossum a wonderful twist and wonderful stretch for your legs so when partner is lying down with the hands spread at the shoulder level now take the right leg straight up the other partner is standing on the left side and drop the right leg on the left side we are supporting the partner’s left leg with your feet once you drop the leg support it with the feet. And then slowly start stretching try to take the toes towards the same towards the opposite o’clock either with the hand or with the leg support the knee try to make it straight the other partner is just enjoying the stretch for the leg for the back, if you want to increase the stretch slowly pull the toes in the legs will get more stretched. And then when you feel that it release the partner slowly start taking the leg back. And just let the leg come by the side Allisyn the one different part of Kappa Yoga is that you can do many arsons which you normally individually can’t do it like this palace. And then a lot of people find it difficult to take the legs up and back when you’re doing partner it’s quite easy so when partner is lying down on the back hands can be closer to the body slowly take both the legs up the other partner helps it supports it can take the leg on the partner about and slowly start moving back pulling the legs support it. And just be very sensitive to the partner you should know where to go it need not be directly on the ground which is the traditional way.

But even, if this much I feel this is what the partner will be comfortable just mentally know where let the partner enjoy the stretch for the back for the legs feel the benefit of this arson. And then when you feel that it really is the partner just slowly allow the legs to come for straight. And then allow them to go down and after she enjoys you can do it Johnny Shira. So you can have a wonderful stretch for your side and for the back when you’re doing Johnny Shiraz on with your partner they’re doing slight variation in traditional Johnny Russell. So In this booth the partners sit in such a way that the opposite feet are touching each other okay then you take the hands in front. So, if it’s my left leg my left hand is extending its right leg for her so right leg is extradition take the other hand up from behind opening the chest and try to catch. And then with the support you can open the chest more this is the first variation we’re in it’s helping your sides. And then once you’re comfortable maintain as long as you want.

And then slowly go in traditional Janice Russell when she now pulls me. So that I can go more down I Boyd here for few seconds. And then I told her that she can go down she holds here for few seconds. But this we can repeat one more time is pulling me allowing me to go more experiencing the stretch then I have. And then we will act let’s enjoy the effect of this arson with your partner. And then do it with the other levels um car chanting when doing a couple yoga session or a partner’s yoga session you can do ohm car chanting either sitting like this what I would prefer you’re doing it with the back touching each other. So you sit with the partner in such a way that your backs are touching each other so direct close your eyes add the Donna mudra you are sitting in normal cross leg position or ardha padm Asana or third masse and whatever you feel comfortable just for some movement be aware of your partner’s back before starting the session from the bottom of your heart just thank your partner for being there in the session he or she will be helping you for doing these arsons so thank her Orin. And then we start with 3 ohm car the sound of OH ooh and more so for the first take a deep breath in it’s again in Haines one more time inhale Oh just be aware of the vibrations that you. And your partner has created this will immediately calm down your mind prepare your body and mind for the session then you rub the palms keep them on your eyes and dropping the hands down slowly open your eyes you.

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