Yoga for Flexibility While Driving

When we’re driving the whole upper body is very tense. But there are no muscles working more diligently than the eye muscles. So It’s really important to Palm the eyes we take your palms we rub them together. And we generate some heat. And then we place the heel of the palm on the cheekbone. And the mounds of the fingers are resting on the brow bone and we’re creating a very nice seal here for the eyes and we’re just breathing we’re breathing into this idea of lungs instead of ice. So we’re inhaling through the eyes through the palms and we’re exhaling through the ice and through the palms. And then what we’re doing is we’re behind the palms taking the eyes over to the right. And then down.

Yoga for Flexibility While Driving Photo Gallery

And then over to the left. And then up. And then back to Center this is a wonderful practice to rest your eyes the muscles of the eyes get very tight and, if you just do a few eye circles. And some paman your eyes and feel very fresh I’m Debra divine healing you.

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