Yoga for I.B.S.

When we’re dealing with the challenges associated with IBS we are really experiencing a variety of symptoms and one day you could be experiencing diarrhea the next day you could be experiencing nausea the next day you could be experiencing constipation and what all of the people who are suffering IBS have in common is that stress is a major factor in their lives so dealing with stress in our yoga practice is very therapeutic I’ve got this special set up here that will give the belly lots of room to breathe. So that we can calm the nervous system and calm our digestive system as well so one bolster is widthwise on the mat. And it’s going to be supporting the knees the other bolster is lengthwise on the mat. And we use a pillow to support the head. And the neck.

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And then we protect the low back by keeping ourselves close to the shortage of the bolster then we come back and rest and support the head. And the neck, if you’ve got sandbags close by that can be really wonderful take the soles of the feet together let the knees come apart. And then place the sand bags down into the groins the heads of the femurs the upper leg bones are going to rest a little bit more close to the ground in the hip sockets. And this is going to free up some space in the England Illaria the bottom of the pelvis it is a wonderfully grounding effect calming effect and soothing effect close your eyes let go the jaws and take long slow smooth and complete in and out breasts feeling the belly moving out and up and use the out-breath very gentle out breaths to help bring the belly a little bit closer to the front spine I’m Debra divine for healing yoga namaste you.

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