Yoga for Prostate

A gentle yoga practice is excellent for pelvic health. And when we’re dealing with prostate issues we really want to bring a lot of awareness and attention to the anal sphincter and all of the muscles that support that area we are going to be sitting cross-legged preferably. But you can sit in a chair we move the buttocks flesh out of the way and really ground down through the sit bones we’re exhaling completely and feeling ourselves grounded then an N breath comes along we fill ourselves from bottom to top. And we pause at the top of the in-breath. And then we go to the anal muscles. And we lift gently one lift per every one or two seconds.

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And then the out-breath comes. And we release any effort or striving this is a little bit different than the mullah bandha that we’ve been taking. But we’re just bringing the same type of awareness down into the other end of the pelvic floor the prostate is a gland that needs a lot of awareness and circulation as we get older. But this also works very well for women we’ve got all kinds of muscles down in the pelvic floor that have been overly stretched we have maybe had children. And this is a wonderful practice to engage.

So that we can really keep all of those muscles and all of those functions optimal I’m Deborah Devine for healing yoga you.

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