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Props: A yoga mat, possibly a blanket under your Yoga heights head for comfort. Avoiding pitfalls: Be sure to start with your legs wide apart, Yoga heights and adjust the position of your arms for comfort. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet about twenty-four inches apart. Rest your arms on the floor at a comfortable angle to the side and above shoulder height, palms facing up. Inhale to prepare, and as you exhale, tilt your right knee down and in toward your left foot. The left knee remains pointed upward. Firm your leg muscles, widen the back of the pelvis, then keeping the width, lengthen the tailbone along the same diagonal line as your thigh bone, toward the right knee. Stretch your right arm along the floor and away from your thigh for a full connected stretch of the whole right side of your body.

Yoga is also discussed in the Vasistha-Dharmasutra in the context of penance. The sutra copies the yoga remarks from the Apasamba-Dharmasutra we discussed above. But then it adds:

Not by severe austerity, not by daily recitation of the Veda, not even by sacrifice can a man obtain the state that one is obtaining by the practice of yoga

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