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Adjust the angle of the leg so that you can straighten Yoga instructor jobs your knee. Use your thigh muscles strongly to fully extend it. If your right leg Yoga instructor jobs stretches up to ninety degrees, then straighten the left, leg to be flat on the floor for more challenge. Extend through both legs fully, even if it means backing off with your right leg. The main action is to push your right thigh away from your upper body which keeps your lower back slightly arched against the resistance of the belt which pulls the foot the other way. Note: the goal is not to force the right leg or foot toward your head. 1Once you have the actions, scan your body for unnecessary tension and release it. 1Return to lying flat with both legs stretched out on the floor.

Paradoxically, it is likely that the main groups keeping the practical knowhow of the ascetic-meditative techniques (sometimes called yoga’ but mostly not) alive were the Jains and the Buddhists. It was because of them that the yoga discourse a couple of centuries after surfacing did not wither away among the hegemonic castes, as we would have expected such cultural practices to do.

Thus in many ways the real practising yogis were in the long run to be found in the Buddhist and Jain institutions. They consisted apparently only of a tiny elite among the monks who kept the practical ascetic-meditative DNA alive. But they tended not to call this DNA yoga’, a notion restricted to the heretic Brahmins and the amateur Kshatriyas.209

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