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As osteoarthritis degrades the actual structure of the joint, encroaching at Yoga kirkland the edges of the glenoid fossa the socket of the shoulder joint or distorting the smooth spherical Yoga kirkland perfection of the head of the humerus upper arm bone, the Yoga kirkland range of motion of the joint itself decreases. At first there is ample room for adaptation Yoga kirkland : the shoulder blade tilts farther forward or back, shifts up or down, angles right or left. This increased movement of the shoulder blade makes up for stiffness in the shoulder joint.

The muscles that govern the scapula’s position and orientation give enough so that the joint motions in question, those of the humerus in the shoulder socket, are not really challenged. But as the degenerative process continues, the ligaments and joint capsule begin to tighten, exactly because adaptation is so effective. A vicious cycle develops the less the joint moves, the less it is able to move.

There is no straining at the new limits on joint range; therefore, that range quickly decreases. And soon the easy adaptation stage is over, and the arm simply will not go up high enough to reach the top shelf in the garage, or will not twist far enough to hook on a brassiere.

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