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Do not cross the belt in front of your neck. Yoga mat sandals The belt must be long enough. Wrap the middle of a long belt around the bottom Yoga mat sandals of your shoulder blades. Bring the two ends around to the front. Loop the ends over the shoulders, cross them behind your head, and bring the ends down your back, toward the sides. Hold the ends. Breathe, lift up from inside Inner Body Bright, and pull the ends of the belt down. This will pull your shoulder muscles back and down, and help you to lift up the front of your chest Shoulder Loop.

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The underlying common power discourse

We now come to the crux of the matter in our discussions of symbolic capital. We realised above that as moderns we do not share the Archaic taken-for-granted-belief-system about ancestor spirits and their management by extraordinary humans. Such a taken-for-granted belief system guiding us in our interaction and coding of the world, is called habitus . Habitus is a central notion because we often associate and link new signs and phenomena – like the yoga sign – to an already existing habitus. The habitus – assumptions and cultural unconscious mental habits – we have revealed above I also call the power discourse of super-natural powers and semi-divinity’. Residing within habitus we often find power discourses. Let us explore the difference between these two notions.

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We have seen it was a common belief that people who practised certain technologies -like the Sramanas and the Brahmins did – built up super-natural capabilities. This general and shared assumption, conferred on both groups high status, that is social influence and symbolic power. People listened to these two high status groups and naturally followed their advice and requested their ritual interventions as a function of this inbuilt power discourse.

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