Yoga nidra for sleep

Stretch your knees forward as you puff your chest up. Yoga nidra for sleepLook forward. Make your body as long as possible from your shoulders to your knees. Yoga nidra for sleepBreathe strongly but quietly while in the pose, maintaining the lift from the inside. Sit back down on the chair to rest. This type of arm-supported back-bending pose builds courage and stamina.

This pose stretches and strengthens the shoulders. This pose strengthens the shoulders. Purpose: To strengthen the stabilizers of the shoulder joint. Contraindications: Rib fracture, severe scoliosis, severe osteoporosis. Props: A yoga mat and a wall. Avoiding pitfalls: Pull both shoulders back as you lift up. Trust your strength! Sit on the floor with your legs to your left side and your knees bent. Place your right forearm on the floor, perpendicular to the wall. Brace the back of the right shoulder. As you breathe in, turn your chest upward, stacking your left side over the right yoga.

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