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Neighbors were gathered in clusters outside, comparing stories and plotting Yoga poses lotus escapes out of »,the city. Bridges, tunnels, subways, and buses were Yoga poses lotus all closed, and people felt trapped. You could read on their faces that their imaginations were taking over. The air around the city was thick with fear and death. I withdrew from the external chaos around me and fell into a deep, coma-like slumber while the television blared on. My immediate concern was that this horrific incident would fuel an open season for hate crimes and more unnecessary racial bias around the country and the world. I feared what might happen to non-extremist Muslims, who make up the majority of that religious population. Fear is debilitating on every level.

The Svetasvatara Upanishad introduces an omnipotent god who takes centre stage. So here for the first time we move yoga into a monotheistic discourse (Wikipedia link) (Flood 1996) . The central idea is that the creator god and the god who delivers salvation is one and the same. This Upanishad is like the Katha using a range of signs later to become part of Samkhya philosophy.

When discussing yoga technologies, the Svetasvatara focusses on bodily practices -suppressing breath and controlling movements.

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