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Everyone in the neighborhood was walking in the middle of the Yoga poses like crow streets, which were still free of cars, at drastically slowed down paces. It was Yoga poses like crow as if some spell had been cast over the entire island of Manhattan to make everyone’s behavior markedly changed. It was a sad yet magical time to be alive. The air outside was worsening, but we could no longer just sit indoors watching the kids climb the walls. We sent my family ahead to the beach in Long Island to stay with friends, where we met them the following afternoon. The bridges had reopened, and the scene that followed looked like a mass exodus out of the city destination: anywhere. The journey that normally took two and a half hours took close to five. It was hard to leave the city.

This is If a wise man hold his body with erect parts (chest, neck, and head) even – and turn his senses with the mind toward the heart.

Having here suppressed his breath and having brought his movements under control, when his breath has been diminished, he should take breath trough his nose. Being careful, the wise one should restrain his mind like that chariot yoked with vicious horses.II.9

This description is very much in line with the Katha even using the same metaphor, although the two techniques are now distinguishable: mind/sense control (pratyahara) followed by breath retention (pranayama), both aimed at restraining or mortifying the mind.

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